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Bill Oberlander




For over 25 years, Bill Oberlander has been repositioning brands from stagnant sales to unprecedented growth, from the back of store shelves to the front of shoppers’ minds, and from daunting humanitarian issues to unique solutions for social good.


Bill introduced America to its favorite drink, Snapple, with the famous “Snapple Lady” campaign.  He took a regional department store to national pop-culture fame, with the campaign that made Target into “Tar-Jay.”  And he made the cell phone into a fashion accessory with two simple words- “Hello Moto.”  And, with a decade of service to the Ad Council, he helped parents “Be the Boss of TV.”


In 2012, Bill left Madison Avenue to join the Robin Hood Foundation as Director of Communications, Marketing and Events, creating the marketing for the 12.12.12 Concert/Hurricane Sandy Relief, the “Fight Poverty Like a New Yorker” brand campaign and the Robin Hood Investors Conference.


After two years at Robin Hood, Bill decided to partner with Drew Train to launch OBERLAND, a purpose-driven agency that leverages Bill’s Madison Avenue talents with his passion for making the world a better place.


Bill resides in New York City, and is the father to his sons William and Bertram.




Educator, School of Visual Arts, “Creativity:
The Real World” 2004-2012

President, Art Directors Club of New York 1996-2000

Board Member, Art Directors Club of New York 1994-1996

Member, Ad Council, Creative Review Committee, 2006-2014

Founder, Agencies in Action, 2009-



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Quoting Bill

"My job," says Bill Oberlander, the advertising Wunderkind, "is to inspire, to shepherd, to help cut through the communication clutter out there and make a clear statement, tell a story."


"'Dare To Live In Full Color' is a mission to inspire people inside and outside the theatre to reconnect with their inner-sophisticated child-self, to remember a time when they felt invincibly creative, happy and fearless," 
Bill Oberlander said.


“The strategy for #dobeautifulthings came from understanding what the benefits of clean, green communities are for each individual in it. A clean park to play ball in. A safe neighborhood to walk home through. A green Main Street to open a business on. It’s not about cleaning for clean’s sake. It’s about changing and improving behaviors which enable a community to #dobeautifulthings.”


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